Another Episode of What You Can Haul With a Cargo Bike

You might have noticed that Mr. D is looking a little smaller these days.  In fact, he’s lost over 120 lbs in the last year.  And yes, being a cyclist all along has helped to make it possible and made the rewards that much sweeter.  Who doesn’t love it when you can ride more?   Understandably, when you lose a lot of weight  you also have to jettison a lot of clothes.   A recent a pass through his closet as well as mine,  yielded  a whole bunch of garbage bags of clothes to donate.  One look at the assembled bags and I was thinking we were going to have to load up the car and head to Goodwill.  Andrew however, was positive we could fit it all on the cargo bike and add  it to a stop on a family bike outing.   You don’t really have to guess which option we chose, do you ?

This is the bike fully loaded with many, many bags of clothes to donate.

This is the bike fully loaded with many, many bags of clothes to donate.

Mr. D managed to get it all secured to the bike, and off we headed on a lovely afternoon bike ride.



Our mini bike caravan passed by a horse and carriage heading downtown from their nearby stables.


When we arrived at Goodwill, they had just wheeled out one of their donation carts , which we quickly filled up.


After we unloaded the bike, we rode down the street and made a stop for lemonade, tater tots and some hard cider (me!)  before heading back out for more biking in the sunshine.


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