An Orange Public Bike on Hubbard Street

Last week as I was riding to work one morning,  I caught up with Elena on her very orange, very new, Public bike.

An orange Public bike

 close-up of a Public bike

So far she loves her new bike – though she had only had it for about a week when I took this picture. I think it’s pretty nice looking bike, and it’s the first Public bike I’ve seen in Chicago. Anyone else have one?

one more look at the orange Public bike

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  • Ms. Ding

    Glad you like the photo! You should check out the blog as well. The blog is all showing women around the city (Chicago) riding their bikes. And if you find yourself too stretched out over a mixte, then perhaps you should try a step-through.

  • Ms. Ding

    Hey there Erin!

    1). Looks like yours a few others’ comments finally got spit out of the Disqus tangle.. sorry I’m just seeing them now.

    2). Do you happen to ride your orange C7 around the West Town neighborhood of Chicago? I know there’s at least one more around the area.

  • Karen

    Extremely cute!  What type of paint, I wonder?

  • Ridonrides

    i love pictures like these because it shows what people look like on the bike!  i’ve been wanting to buy a mixte as well, but found myself being too stretched over a lot of mixtes.  she looks very comfortable and stylish! 

  • erin

    I can attest to the smooth-as-butterness of the C7 (Public’s Dutch-style step-through). Mine is orange as well – which undoubtedly makes it even smoother… 🙂


  • Jim

    Publics are really good bikes for the price, as are Pake townies.  Elena, your seat is really low; you’ll go faster, be in better balance and control if you raise it a cm every week.  

  • dhin

    We spotted an orange one at the June Critical Mass! We pulled up and asked how the owner liked it and she said it was great. Hmm… 3 Publics and counting!

  • Ash L

    They’re aluminum, right? The welds look absolutely perfect.

    • Ms. Ding

      Their site says they are steel?  “PUBLIC hi-tensile steel frame, with fender and rack braze-ons, integrated kickstand bracket”

      • Ash L

        Good to know.

    • G.E.

      Depending on the model, they are 4130 chromoly, or hi-ten steel. Mine is chromoly, but my husbands is hi-ten. Not sure why they decided to do two different kinds of steel (I’m guessing it was cost of chromoly, though I wouldn’t bet my life on it).

  • Ash L

    Someone in the Bucktown or Logan Square area has a baby blue diamond frame with a 7 or 8 speed internal hub and possibly no seat. I tracked it down in May in front of Ipsento.

    • Ms. Ding

      That’s purty….

  • Lee Crandell

    No, but I’ve wanted one for a while! Would love to test ride first though. Do any shops in Chicago carry them? None are listed on the Public website.

    • Ms. Ding

      I know – their site doesn’t say so, but there is a Design Within Reach store on North Avenue – wondering if they might sell them?

      • Steven Vance

        The DWR stores don’t sell them, but have two models for test riding.

    • Kristina Davis

      Lee, you could test ride mine if you want if there aren’t any available in the city.