An Antidote to A Gloomy Day: Looking Back at A Family Summer Bike Ride

It’s late February here in Chicago, and this is the time of year when most people are pretty much done with winter and tired of the slush. ¬†Add to that the multiple gray sunless days in row and it start to make you think you’ll never see flowers and green trees again. We go through this every year and every year the gloom still gets to us. To combat the less-the-picturesque views of gray slush that I have outside my window right now, I started looking back at a couple of posts I wrote last summer of some really fun and lovely family bike rides that we did. ¬†Little Ding got his adapted bike last spring and by the time summer came around, he was riding pretty well and could handle bike rides that were up to about 2 miles round-trip. Here is a picture I took of some pink flowers that lined the Betsie Valley Trail which is located just outside of Frankfort Michigan – just looking at them makes me smile.

Pink Flowers Along the Betsie Trail

And looking at the pictures of all of us in shorts — even though it was a bit foggy and chilly along the lake that day back in July — makes me remember that yes, it will be warm again.

boat propellers along the Betsie trail

You can see one or two more pictures of flowers and green marsh grass, as well as learn more about the Betsie Valley Trail and these giant propellers in my post from last summer. Enjoy it and know that warmer weather and green growing things will be back soon.

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