I moved to Chicago in 1996 sans car and I’ve never looked back. While I’ve kept my driver’s license up-to-date for the occasional car rental (road trips, furniture moving etc.) I’ve been happily taking my bike or public transportation year round ever since. The addition of a family has only given me more people to ride with in my favorite city in the world and the use of Mr. Ding’s car once in a while. While I love biking around the city day and night,  teaching my (then) six year-old stepson how to ride his own slightly adapted bike gave me an even greater appreciation of the immense sense of freedom and independence one feels when propelling oneself on a bike.

This blog is a little bit of bike activism,  a place to extol the virtues of city bike riding on upright or Dutch bikes, and a place to promote bike riding for the entire family- especially those families with adaptive riders.

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If you live in the fair city of Chicago you might see me riding to work, or see me and my guys riding to the zoo, beach,  grocery store,   or hot dog stand.  Come on and join us or let us know if you’ve got a city ride, family ride or adaptive event coming up!  Email the info to samantha@dingdingletsride.com.

(photo courtesy of Martha Williams)