A Woman-Owned Bike Shop/Cafe in Omaha Nebraska

The work never stops when you own a bike shop.

The work never stops when you own a bike shop.

I’ve written about Sarah Johnson a couple of times on this blog from back when she managed an Omaha bike shop, and then again last fall when I was back there visiting family and had a chance to chat with her about her next venture – her own bike shop and cafe . Well, the Ding Ding Let’s Ride family was back in Omaha recently, and rode our bikes on over to that very open and very busy bike shop and cafe, aptly named the Omaha Bicycle Co. 



It was a busy afternoon when we stopped by – and someone must have said it was Surly “Disc Trucker” day as they were working on two of them, up on the racks, had one on the floor to work on next, and one that stopped by for a visit.   It was a nice sunny day, and there were only glimpses of the snow Omaha recently received,  so we also got to take a look at the back deck they will debut this summer – awesome.


Omaha Bicycle Co. is a friendly cafe, with seriously good coffee from Intelligentsia  ,  and a friendly and approachable attitude when it comes to talking about bikes.





You’ll note their ‘Ladies Night’ a ladies-only maintenance clinic sold out. They had a great night.

We really enjoyed hanging out at the shop, and Vince even paused to give us a smile while he was working!


I think you might recognize these two handsome cyclists.


If you’re in Omaha, be sure to make a trip to the Benson neighborhood and stop by Omaha Bicycle Company.


If you’re heading eastbound on Maple Street you can’t miss the mural on the side of their building (and check out the photo at the end of this post to see what odd mural was on the building before it was painted over with this)



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