A New Bike Crush – The Civia Loring

Civia Loring

Civia Loring

Now isn’t that a beautiful bike? Yessirree, that’s the Civia Loring – a great-looking bike made by Civia – a bike brand created in 2007 by those same folks in Minnesota who brought us the Surly, Salsa Cycles, Handspun, and Winwood brands of bikes. I have to say that that the Civia Loring is right up there with the WorkCycle Oma and the Velorbis Victoria Classic when it comes to my most favorite bikes.  It’s not a European brand, but it definitely falls into the category of a city bike in my book.  Ok, I’ll admit I’ve not taken a test ride on one yet, but seeing it around town is a good motivator.

The reason for this little crush-fest appearing on my blog today is because I ran into someone (not literally) riding a Civia Loring last night on my way home from work. This was the second time I’d seen this nice fellow riding his Civia – previously I saw him riding with his girlfriend who has a very cool customized Civia.  I decided it was a sign and that I”d darn well make the most of the opportunity to ask him about the bike.  Here’s what he told me as we rode on down the road:

  • He used to have an old Raleigh but it was stolen – meaning he’s not a convert to a city bike, he was already riding upright bikes
  • He test rode some Electra Cruisers but found this bike to be a much better ride
  • Riding the Civia is like ” a Cadillac” , smooth, wonderfully solid ride
  • He loves the disc brakes and the SRAM internally geared hub
  • He uses the front basket/racket all the time – in fact it was full of gear when I saw him

I think these are good-looking bikes, though I didn’t get to ask him about those bamboo fenders – do they really keep you clean since they don’t bend around the wheels like other fenders? It’s something I wonder about.  I also wondered about it as a sturdy bike, but considering I saw him riding down a less-than-spectacular roadway, I’m guessing it’s doing just fine in that department.

If you want to do some test rides of your own on a Civia Loring, there are two stores in Chicago that can help you out:

If you do go take a test ride,  let me know!

Green Civia Loring

Green Civia Loring

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  • http://letsgorideabike.com/blog Dottie

    Dutch Bike Chicago also carries this bike now. I test rode it there and agree that it’s lust-worthy.

  • http://www.bike-bliss.com/ Cherilyn

    These things are soooo sexy. A couple of folks in town have them, and they’re delightful to see. Haven’t had the chance to ask them for a review quite yet. I’m concerned about the durability of the beautiful fenders. They’re out of my price range, unfortunately.

    • http://www.dingdingletsride.com Samantha

      Yes, the fenders are the big question mark for me as well. And they don’t seem to come with lights, so adding hub dynamos would increase the price of the bike even more. But yeah, they are verrrry sexy.