A New and Improved Dutch Bike Reference Page

Just letting everyone know that I spent some time over the weekend updating the¬†Dutch Bikes page on this blog. ¬†Since I started this blog last year, I’ve met a lot of other bike bloggers who write about Dutch bikes (which I wrote about in an earlier post) and learned a little more about the bikes too.

Two Workcycles Omafiets on Southport Avenue in Chicago

Two Omafiets in front of the Jewel on Southport Avenue in Chicago

I’ve added a list of the major Dutch bike manufacturers that I know about, who sell their bikes in the United States. I’ve also added a listing for Dutch-style bikes that are available for sale here in the US, as well as folks like Papillionaire and Bear Bicycles who are designing their Dutch bikes for sale in their own country (Papillionaire in Melbourne) or working with Azor Bikes to make their own branded version of a Dutch bike (Bear Bicycles in Dublin). Enjoy!


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