A Little Snow Doesn’t Stop Chicago Cyclists

Bike Winter Chicago

Chicago Cyclist on Milwaukee Avenue

It’s been snowing for about 24 hours in Chicago and we’ve got ourselves a nice blanket of snow out there. Today the winds picked up and have been blowing anywhere from 30-45 mph making it a little more challenging. The snow plows were out, and the usual Sunday afternoon traffic, so the main streets started to clear off – though the side streets not so much. Mr. Ding and I had a lot of errands to run and since he’s not back into full bike mode yet we had to do our errands via car. Seeing other cyclists out there only made us really want to be on our bikes.

As soon as we pulled out onto a major street we saw our first cyclist, properly geared up with snow pants, sturdy shoes/boots, balaclava, neck warmer, goggles and helmet. She was was riding very smartly and deliberately down a street with a bike lane that was full of snow,  so she  took the lane in front of us and we gave her plenty of room. She signaled to move into the left turn lane, turned, and went on her way.  Didn’t get any pictures of her though.

Later on as we headed south east on Milwaukee Avenue we saw this cyclist in Wicker Park.

bike winter chicago on milwaukee avenue

Another Cyclist riding south east in Milwaukee Avenue in Wicker Park

After a round of errands in the West Loop we headed west on Chicago Avenue and saw two more cyclists moving right along.

Bike Winter Chicago

Two Cyclists Riding in the Snow on Chicago Avenue

bike winter cyclist on Chicago & Ashland

A Cyclist stopped at the Chicago & Ashland intersection

As we turned onto Oakley Avenue in the Ukrainian Village neighborhood I asked Mr. Ding to pull over so I could get a photo of the front of St. Nicholas Cathedral all decked out for the holidays. Since Oakley is a popular bike route I thought that I’d certainly see another cyclist while I was there and perhaps I could get them to stop for a quick picture and some info on how far they were riding today.

St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral

St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral

Winter on Oakley Avenue Chicago

Looking down Oakley Avenue, but no cyclists

Alas, no one rode by while I waited in the snow. Tomorrow I’ll be taking Oma out in the snow  – I’ll let you know how it goes.

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