A Little Bike Outing to Caldwell Woods

Caldwell Woods - ready to go

Little Ding is on his bike and ready to go

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, we wanted to take our new bike carrier out for a test drive over the weekend, so instead of riding around the city, we loaded up our bikes and drove up to Caldwell Woods – part of the great Forest Preserve District of Cook County. It was a great day for a bike ride too – sunny, bright , and hot.  Note to cyclists without a youngster in tow – you can easily ride up to Caldwell Woods from the city – it’s about a seven-mile ride up Elston Avenue from downtown Chicago.  Let me know if you want the full route details. Turning off Elston at Forest Glen is a nice ride through a couple of tree-lined neighborhoods and puts you on the other side of the woods right at an entrance to the bike trail.

We hit the trail and thought we were in nirvana without any streets or alleys to cross!

We practiced riding up inclines without stopping – something our young rider has not quite got the hang of yet.  And he got the hang of cruising down some ‘hills’  without too much drama or slamming on the brakes.

Caldwell Woods going up a hill

Mr. Ding provides a little assistance with the incline

Further down the trail was a lovely shaded bridge over a small creek – we made a stop on our return loop. There was a path along the creek that just screamed ‘come explore me’ .. .at least to a 6 -year old.

Caldwell Woods - off to Explore

Anytime there is an opportunity to throw sticks or stones or something into the water, you know a boy will do it.

Caldwell Woods - a boy and his stick are soon parted

Little Ding shows his excellent stick-throwing form

Caldwell Woods - I think I see another stick to throw

” I think I see another stick to throw”

Just east of the forest preserve, on Devon Avenue, east of the Metra tracks, is a crazy and tasty ice cream shop. Of course, we had to make a post-ride stop.

I dream of Ice Cream

I dream of Ice Cream

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