A Group of Uncommonly Fabulous Chicago Women Who Ride & Do Brunch

Thanks to Dottie of the wonderful bike blog LetsGoRideABike a group of Chicago women who ride bikes as well as blog about bikes, take photos of bikes, design bike accessories, run bike-related websites, give bike tours, and even run bike crash-support hotlines, all got together this past Sunday morning for some coffee, food, and great conversation.

Biking Ladies Brunching

You know of course that no meet-up like this would be complete without the requisite photo of all of us and our bikes. The photo below of us with our bikes was taken by Martha Williams who has a great bike photo blog called Bike Fancy. Hopefully I listed everyone’s name correctly – please let me know if I made any mistakes.

Chicago Women Who Ride

Emily, Laurie, Patty, Rebbecca, Janet, Dottie, Kelly, Samantha, Julie, Carrie

You may notice the woman on the far left in the picture, with the yellow pants and patterned bags that looks oh-so-much like something from Po Campo? Well, that would be Emily from Po Campo and those bags were prototype bags she brought along for a little show-and-tell! We all took turns examining the new bags and trying them out on our bikes.  There was a lot of feedback for Emily and it kept us all talking about how we transport our gear on our bikes.

There was the new handlebar bag that I tried out my Omafiets – it fit better than I thought it would, and while small, still has plenty of room for those times when you want a small purse.

Po Campo handlebar bag

Po Campo handlebar bag

Emily is also working on a laptop pannier..

Janet shows off the laptop pannier prototype

Janet shows off the laptop pannier prototype

And there is also a new rack bag in the works.

Po Campo bag

While we chatted and comment about the prototype Po Campo bags, a couple of the Omafiets got acquainted.

two omafiets

And before we left, Martha graciously took a photo of the three Omafiets and their proud owners.

Dottie,  Samantha, and Janet

Dottie, Samantha, and Janet and our WorkCycles Omas

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