A Green City Bike Right Outta Manhattan

Green Bike Logo

Well, I’m not positive that the bike actually came from Manhattan, but that is it’s brand name.  Last week when I rode to work I spotted a black bike locked up at the rack outside my office. It’s as if that bike rack has become a magnet for interesting city bikes – recall the green Globe bike I saw there the previous week?  Anyway, this bike was rather sparse in terms of branding, but it did say Green.  Hmmm.. a green black bike? I like it.  When I got to the office I asked one of my bike-riding co-workers if he had purchased a new bike. Turns out this Green black bike belonged to my co-worker, Erik, and the bike in question was none other than a Manhattan “Green” bike.  Manhattan is a sub-brand of KHS bikes, and Green is one of their city bike models.  They call it a cruiser, but it really looks more like a city bike to me. Perhaps that’s because Erik is at least as tall as me and so this was their mens bike with a 21 ‘ frame.

It’s a nice-looking bike – the women’s model almost looks like a Dutch bike, though the Green bikes have a larger, comfort-bike style seat.  It’s has a steel frame (nice!), a  Shimano 3-speed Nexus coaster brake on the rear hub,  a hand-brake in the front, fenders, a kick-stand, a nice rear rack, and that very Dutch item – a wheel lock.

Manhattan Green Bike - hub

Manhattan Green Bike- Rack

Manhattan Green Bike

I asked Erik  how he liked the coaster brake – I’m not a fan of then in the city. He replied that he was not a fan either, but that he was getting used to it. So far I’ve not heard any horror stories from him, so it must be working out ok.  He’s a big fan of the Green bike – both he and his wife have them I believe, along with a fair number of other city bikes. Manhattan helps makes this possible by charging around $370 for one of these beauties .  Not a bad price for a very ride-able and kinda cool-looking commuter bike.

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