A Funky Bike Rack Design in West Town

Before the rain that turned to snow came to town this past weekend, we had a lovely sunny Friday afternoon, temps were in the mid-30s and the wind was practically non-existent.  A great day to be out riding.  I had a few stops to make in the West Town neighborhood of Chicago and as I turned to walk my bike down the sidewalk on the west side of Ashland Avenue,  I spotted this bike rack outside the Pure Vibes Fitness Club in the old Malec & Sons funeral home building just north of Chicago Avenue.

funky bike rack

I think they could be spaced a little further apart – Oma wouldn’t fit through with the front rack, but they’re still relatively usable.

funky bike rack

The original entrance is still in use  – and you can even see your intrepid cyclist reflected in the glass.

Pure Fitness Club Entrance

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