A Compendium of Bike Bloggers And Their Dutch Bikes

Omafiets in the City

Omafiets in the City

I’ve had my WorkCycles Omafiets for about 5 months now, and I haven’t been on my mountain bike since.  You might wonder what ever possessed me to switch from my trusty Trek mountain bike after 20 years. I took some time to think about the kind of riding I do nowadays, and I researched bikes that functionally fit my current lifestyle. I took test rides on WorkCycles bikes as well as other brands of city or Dutch bikes. Since I’ve purchased Oma and done my own blogging about how wonderful the bike is, I’ve discovered more people in non-Dutch cities riding and blogging about the great riding experience on a Dutch bike. As a way to help out other folks who are doing their own research on their next bike, I thought I’d pull together a list of links to a few other bloggers outside of the Netherlands who ride and write about Dutch bikes, grouped by the type of bike they ride. This is not a comprehensive list by any means – these are just some of the blogs I’ve come across and/or some of the people I’ve met.


Lets Go Ride A Bike (Chicago) – If you’ve been reading online about Dutch bikes at all, you’re probably familiar with Dottie’s blog about her adventures on her Oma, or the Betty Foy, or her newest bike Coco – a cream-colored Velorbis. Dottie got her bike over 2 years ago and her WorkCycles Omafiets even has a Azor headbadge which the newest bikes do not have.

Tuttle Tattle (Chicago) – Janet is another proud owner of a WorkCycles Oma here in Chicago. She and her husband discovered the bikes when they were on vacation in Amsterdam and when they returned to the states they ordered two Omas last summer.

Over the Bars in Milwaukee -I think Dave had been eying a WorkCycles Oma for quite some time, and when he made a visit to Chicago last summer he stopped at The Dutch Bike Company (where the rest of us here in Chicago have purchased our WorkCycles Omas) and bought one for himself to take back home.


Lo Fidelity Bicycle Club (Worthing, UK) – Jim has been a cyclist for years and extolling the virtues of utility cycling, and like me, found that his  bikestyle/lifestyle was changing. He wanted a bike to reflect the kind of practical cycling’  that he sees himself doing for the rest of his life, so he bought a new Batavus Old Dutch in December.

Church of the Granny Bike (Salt Lake City) – Melanie has a awesome red Batavus Old Dutch that she’s been riding around Utah since at least 2008.  Great name for a blog too, as “Omafiets” means Granny Bike in Dutch.

Cecily Walker – An Intermittent Record (Vancouver) – Cecily bought a new Batavus Fryslan this fall. It’s a lovely bike and looks, if possible, even more lovely in the gorgeous photographs that Cecily shoots for her blog. Since Vancouver is not a flat city by any means, her posts about cycling on a heavier upright bike in a hilly urban area are a great resource if you’re considering a Dutch bike for your less-than-flat hometown.


Lovely Bicycle (Boston) Velouria has a variety of upright city bikes that she rides and blogs about, one of which is her late-model Gazelle. This is an excellent blog about biking – great bike reviews, lots of posts and comments, a great place to do research on city bikes.

Ally Dodd’s Blog (Cambridge, UK) – Ally writes about cosmetics and bikes. She purchase a Gazelle Orange Plus last summer and in her own words is in love with the bike. She had a specific list of requirements that her new bike had to meet including it’s ability to haul groceries, etc, as well as an upright position that would be easier on her back. Unlike me, Ally is a petit woman (5’3) and was looking for a Dutch bike that came in a small frame which can be a tough requirement given that the Dutch are fairly tall and make their bikes for tall folks. Gazelle had some smaller frames that suited Ally just fine.

And don’t forget the grand Dutch bike site of them all,  Amsterdamize!  Since Marc lives in and writes about cycling in Amsterdam – a city-cycling nirvana – I didn’t include him on the first version of this post because of that.  However, he does ride a WorkCycles Fr8. Even in Amsterdam, WorkCycles are not an ‘everyday’ inexpensive bike.

So tell me who did I leave out of this list?

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