A Bike Winter Family Ride to Dinner

Little D was still on Christmas break last week, so we decided one night during the week was  ‘go out to dinner night by bike’ night. So, I rode my bike home from work that night to meet up with Andrew and Little Ding  so we could ride together to dinner.  It was also a great opportunity to show off the orange lights we installed on his bike wheels  earlier this winter – makes for a very visible bike.  He also has front and rear lights by the way.

LD gets on his bike by stepping up on the rear axle.  Check out those wheel lights!

LD always gets on his bike by stepping up on the rear axle. Check out those wheel lights!

Our bikes didn’t look too bad either, with the lighted Christmas wreaths that Andrew installed on our bikes – check out this post for a photo of how mine looks in daylight.


It was in the low 20s (Farenheit) but the wind was not in our face, so we had a nice short ride to Delish Dinner. They still had their holiday decorations up, as did many of the businesses along Division street,  which helped prolong that festive holiday-ness that you hate to lose so soon this time of year.

holiday lights on division street

As we pulled up near our house after dinner, we ran into our neighbor Brandon, of Chicago Cargo, who was on his way to the grocery store.  You know, it’s never too cold to stop to chat with your neighbors in Chicago. Bike on, all winter long!


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  • http://www.cyclinginthecity.net/ Mel

    How did you do the lights on Little D’s wheels?

    • http://dingdingletsride.com/ Samantha

      They are cool, eh? The guys used some sort of tube lighting, battery powered of course. I’ll get the details and reply back.

      • http://www.cyclinginthecity.net/ Mel

        Thanks, I’d appreciate it! We do a holiday “BRIGHT Ride” every year where we all decorate our bikes with lights, but I’ve never been able to find a good way to do the wheels…

      • http://dingdingletsride.com/ Samantha

        Here’s a link to the site where you can buy the kits. You can choose your colors and one kit includes enough lights for 2 wheels up to 28 inches. The tubing weaves between the spokes and the small battery pack attaches to the spokes with a zip-tie-like thing. They include instructions. ( I think I may need to do another post about them!). Send me any photos if you get some!