A Bike-Riding Family & Do Division Fest 2011

The weekend before last we headed on out to Do Division Fest up in Wicker Park.  Andrew had to make a stop at work on that Saturday, so we thought we’d all head over to the fest together and send him off to work nearby.  We got out the Yuba Mundo, put Little Ding on the back, and rode our bikes over to Division street just after the fest officially opened for business.  As you can see we were one of the first set of bikes in the bike corral.

Do Division Bike Parking

Andrew went off to work and Little Ding and I headed over to the Family Fun Fest area.  I gotta say they did it up right this year – 2 shaded blocks of really fun family activities.

First we had to stop and watch folks get dunked in the dunk-tank.  Little Ding really enjoys watching that for some reason. Then we moved onto what are called ‘Bouncy Houses’ in our house. And of course someone had to walk by in front of my only picture of said ‘Bouncy House’.

Riding the Yuba Mundo to the fest meant that Little Ding had more energy to expend jumping around inside the inflatable house. He does have to take off his braces, but he can still stand w/o them – just not as well. Since everyone’s unstable in a bouncy house it’s not such a big deal.   In the meantime I hung out on the curb with all our gear. You know the usual, a enormous refillable lemonade, bags and parcels, shoes, braces, socks, hats, and of course, bike helmets.

They had face-painting, punk-rock hair styling for kids,  and the Cat & Mouse game store had an entire tent set up with giant versions of classic games like chess , tic-tac-toe, and Connect Four.  We spend some serious time playing games.  Next to that tent was an entire tent all about bees and honey.  There was  local company hawking all their products made of locally-produced honey, but more interesting to the kids was the actual bee hive!

There was a kids stage set up at the end of the block and around 2:00pm they had a Mad Science presentation! If you have elementary school-aged kids you might be familiar with this program – often offered after school.  They teach science concepts in really fun ways.  This was a very high priority on our to-do list for the festival.

Our scientist gave a great presentation and got some helpers at one point to mix up a couple of gnarly batches of goo.  Little Ding said it looked liked boogers.  Yeah, gross.


And of course,  there were some nifty tricks using dry ice as well.

Andrew eventually rejoined us  – with beers in hand too, what a guy -  and we wandered around Division street a little more before deciding to head off on our bikes for an early dinner down the street.  By the time we left, the bike parking are was full! There were bikes everywhere! Check out this lovely tandem by the way.

It was a really fun day and we really loved having the Yuba Mundo available to haul us around.  I think Oma likes hanging with the Yuba Mundo too.

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