A Bike Ride and Real Estate Tour in a Chicago Neighborhood

Everyone has that one house that you’re always curious about.  Who lives there, or who bought it, or why has it been for sale for so long, or even who would ever build such a structure and who would possibly live there? One of the many benefits of riding a bike is that you move slow enough though the city to see things that you might miss in a car.  And, it’s easy to turn around, stop at the curb, or pedal over for a closer look when you’re on a bike.  Since biking often takes me through residential neighborhoods,  I have a handful of homes that I count on my favorites list. Some of them are just houses that I really like for one reason or another , or  in the case of a couple of Wicker Park homes,  places that have been vacant for as long as I’ve been noticing them (read more than 3 years).  If I know I’m going to be riding in that general direction,  I try to be sure to swing by these places and see if there’s any new activity. These two homes look out at each other across an intersection in Wicker Park , west of Damen Avenue.  I’m sure you’ve seen them.

It is a house or an adidtion?

It is a house or an adidtion? Someone started to double or triple the size of this house and ran out of money. Here it sits.

New Construction and never lived in

New Construction and never lived in - at least I don't think anyone's ever lived in it.

So here these two houses sit,  looking out their empty windows at each other.  Will they ever sell?  One day perhaps,  I will ride by on my bike and the for sale signs will be gone.  It could happen!  What are some of your favorite buildings or places to check in on when you ride?

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